RE: Update - Red Warning of Extreme Heat

Dear Parent / Carer,

RE: Red Warning of Extreme Heat

Penn Fields School will remain open on Tuesday 19th July 2022.

Please follow the below steps to ensure the safety of your child:

If you choose to keep your child home, this will be authorised. Please call 01902 558 640 or e mail to let us know.

If your child has a medical condition that is effected by extreme weather, please consider keeping them at home to ensure they remain safe and can be closely monitored.

Send your child to school with a bottle of water that can be refilled throughout the day.

Send your child to school with a sun hat.

Ensure your child is wearing sun lotion and that they come to school with some to reapply - outdoor play will be limited.

Ensure your child is dressed appropriately - allow them to come to school in their PE kit / any shorts and a school T-shirt / please ensure they are not wearing a jumper.

There will be no access to remote learning for those students remaining at home.

Many thanks

Ms Thackaberry

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