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Our Principles

  • Behaviour management is everybody’s responsibility but adults are in control

  • We understand that all of us get distressed at times and find some situations difficult

  • We praise in public, reprimand in private

  • We don’t encourage bad behaviour by rewarding it

  • We do not use words sarcastically or in any way to upset or hurt others

  • What we see and what we hear should be the same for everyone​

Our Expectations

  • We treat others as we would hope to be treated ourselves

  • We are caring and compassionate towards other people

  • We understand our pupils’ differing needs but always encourage them to be the best they can be

Our Strategies

  • We reward good behaviour with praise and Dojos

  • We always give pupils chances to put things right

  • We help pupils by using schedules, behaviour prompts and succinct language where it is needed

  • We have strategies and interventions for distressed behaviour; these are specific to individual pupils and used consistently by everyone

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