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Monday 1st June 2020

Following the announcement from Government stating that from 1st June, year 1 and year 6 students should return to school as long as the medical advice states it is safe to do so and that schools can ensure it is safe to do so, the exception to this is special school as outlined below:

‘special schools, special post-16 institutions and hospital schools to work towards a phased return of more children and young people without a focus on specific year groups and informed by risk assessments’

The senior leadership team are currently working on how to ensure the safety of our students and their families they return home to at the end of the day, but also the staff within Penn Fields and their families they return home to each day.

It is difficult to commit to a date to when school will return to normal as we know it, social distancing will be challenging across the school and class sizes will be reduced. A member of staff from Penn Fields will be in touch with you when your child can return to school.

Please continue to remian safe.

Warmest Regards

Ms Thackaberry

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