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12-15 year old Covid 19 Vaccination

12-15 year old Covid 19 Vaccination

Consent Form Guidance for Paper Forms

Dear Parent,

Please find attached the consent form for you to complete to enable your child to receive the Covid 19 Vaccination in school. Vaccination sessions will be commencing soon and your school will advise you of the specific date when known.

Your child will eligible to receive either their first or second dose at the session as long as they:

  • Are aged 12 or over

  • Have not tested positive for Covid 19 within the last 12 weeks

  • For second vaccines, children must wait 12 weeks from the first dose before they can receive their second dose.

Please complete the form, including the Pre-Vaccination questions, on behalf of your child.

Please ensure that you have completed all of the information requested. This will enable NHS staff to complete all the necessary checks to ensure that your child receives the vaccination safely.

An important piece of information to provide to us is your child’s NHS Number. If you do not have it to hand, you can have it sent to you. Follow the link here.

If you have any queries or concerns about Covid 19 vaccination please find further information here or you can speak to your GP.

Once completed and signed by you, please return to your school By Tuesday 1st March 2022.

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