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Outcomes for Students

We believe that every moment is a learning opportunity and that every moment matters.  Penn Fields is a school that enables students to access and achieve not only qualification based outcomes, but also the skills needed to prepare for adulthood.  Our aim is for our students to leave Penn Fields School, being the best possible version of themselves equipped with the tools needed to be a positive member of society and to continue their learning for life.

Students have the opportunity to access a number of qualification based outcomes as well as develop their personal skills and to prepare for adulthood.  Students are taught a range of external qualifications from ASDAN Life Skills challenges, through Entry level qualifications to courses at Level 1 and GCSE.  Students prior attainment, interests and aspirations are taken into account when being entered for exams.


We also recognise that a 21st century education should prepare all our students for their futures by instilling the character traits and fundamental British values that will help them succeed; being resilient and knowing how to persevere, how to bounce back if faced with failure, and how to collaborate with others at work and in their private lives. This underpins and runs through our curriculum but is most clearly identified in students Personal & Social Development lessons, which aim to help students become more aware of themselves and their feelings as shown in this diagram:

Self-awareness Diagram.jpg
How Progress is Measured

Performance Tables​

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