Outcomes for Pupils

We aim to prepare our pupils for the next stages of their education and for adult life by providing them with the opportunity to develop their personal skills and achieve academic success. We teach a range of external qualifications from ASDAN Life Skills challenges, through Entry level qualifications to courses at Level 1 and GCSE. Pupils are entered on relevant courses depending on their previous attainment, interests and aspirations for life after school.


We also recognise that a 21st century education should prepare all our pupils for their futures by instilling the character traits and fundamental British values that will help them succeed; being resilient and knowing how to persevere, how to bounce back if faced with failure, and how to collaborate with others at work and in their private lives. This underpins and runs through our curriculum but is most clearly identified in our weekly well-being sessions which aim to help students become more aware of themselves and their feelings as shown in this diagram:

Self-awareness Diagram.jpg
How your child’s progress is recorded

Progress is recorded against the national standards of ‘P’ scales (pre-National Curriculum stages P1 to P8) and National Curriculum Levels (L1 to L5). From 2016 the National Curriculum Levels have been replaced with the school’s own PEDCIT system (Preliminary, Exploratory, Developing, Confident, Independent, Transformational) which indicate a pupil’s progress as they develop and gain confidence in the things they do and learn.


If you have any questions about how we measure progress please contact your child’s teacher or the Deputy Head Teacher.

Performance Tables​